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Patio Repair

The Northeast is a difficult environment for masonry in general and patios in particular. We can experience extreme cycles of freeze and thaw in a single winter. We see patios all the time that were installed cheaply or improperly detailed that fail after one or two seasons. It does not matter what the material is – bluestone, granite, concrete pavers, brick or poured concrete – incorrect base preparation, improper pitch, and lack of surface water control are usually at least one of the causes of the problem. Often the repairs cost as much or more that the initial installation. The materials can usually be cleaned and recycled, but the cost of removing, cleaning, excavating and reinstalling can be serious. There is something to be said for doing it right the first time. A properly detailed patio will provide you and your family enjoyment for years to come. We have clients that are still enjoying their patios 35 years after they were installed with little or no maintenance.
Do you have a patio that has settled or heaved, creating tripping hazards and an unsightly appearance to your yard? Do you have water pooling in spots on your patio continually creating more damage? Give us a call. We guarantee our work. We can come out and advise you on how to fix the problem, and give you a free quote on the costs.

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