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Heat Pumps

Are you tired of having a cold pool? Are you fed up with constantly paying for new gas deliveries to keep your pool warm? Call us for a consultation. Your swimming pool is a big investment and you want to be able to maximize your use and enjoyment of that investment. A heat pump may be the solution for you. Swim longer, Swim warmer.
A heat pump uses nature’s “free heat” from the air to heat your pool water. It applies the same principles used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology specifically adapted to pools and spas. A heat pump pulls residual heat out of the air and transfers it to your pool, heating your water. A heat pump can even pull residual heat out of cool air. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not create it! This technology is significantly less expensive than gas or electricity. This makes the heat pump the most economical, safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool.
Surfside Pools is a dealer and installer for Aquacal Heat Pumps. They are the largest swimming pool heat pump manufacturer in the world, and they have been making top quality, highly innovative units since 1981. Aquacal sets the standard for heat pump technology, reliability, and performance. Aquacal has its own service department of factory trained technicians that provide warranty service and repairs throughout the Northeast. They stand by their products and have heat pumps to suit every need and budget. Surfside Pools recognized the potential value in heat pump applications, use and energy savings for our clients early on, and have units running today in the field that are over 20 years old. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly. There is no combustion of fossil fuels to damage the atmosphere. Our clients love them, which at the end of the day is the most important aspect. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority.

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