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Winter Cover Replacement and Repair

In the Northeast, pool winter safety covers play a critical role in the protection of your pool and in the safety of your family and pets for four to six months out of the year. They work hard during that time, dealing with high winds, storms, ice, rain and heavy snow loads. Storm debris and wildlife can puncture holes in the cover and rodents can eat the cover if stored improperly during the summer months. If they are damaged in any way, they can be repaired. After 15-20 years they start to become brittle, broken down by UV rays, and at that point generally the best course of action is replacement.
Surfside Pools is an authorized dealer and installer for Meyco Pool Covers. Meyco is the originator of the pool safety cover which was developed in 1956. Decades of improvement and four U.S. Patents later, Meyco continues to offer an outstanding product. Meyco Pool Covers exceed all ASTM standards for safety, as well as many local safety requirements. Meyco covers cannot blow off in a windstorm, and the straps are capable of withstanding 4,500 lbs of tension. They eliminate the need to pump off dangerous surface water since rain drains through the cover. Leaves and debris blow right off. Meyco covers come in hundreds of stock sizes. If your pool is a freeform or irregular shape, Meyco can custom make a cover to fit any pool. They are offered in three choices of fabric, Meycolite (the original), Permaguard, and Rugged Mesh, and three choices of color, blue, green and black. Call us for a quote. We can explain the differences between the fabric choices, and get you a new or replacement price right away. A Meyco mesh safety cover is the best winter cover investment you can make for your pool and your family.

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