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Pool Opening Pool Closing

There is much more to pool service than weekly maintenance. Opening and closing your pool are the most crucial moments of the season, and should be done by a qualified pool professional. Opening your pool involves multiple steps such as removing and rolling up the cover, connecting water fills, connecting your pool equipment and electric lines, replacing winter drain plugs, removing winterizing plugs, installing fittings & pool cleaners, brushing the pool, scooping out leaves, starting the pool, checking for leaks, test firing the heater, cleaning the patio and adding chemicals. Our technicians also make note of any winter damage to your pool cover, your pool and surrounding hardscapes, if there is any. Pool opening requires return trips to your home over several days. It is an intensive process that must be done properly to get your pool ready for summer. It should also be done early in the spring. This allows us time to perform any needed repairs or upgrades and get you ready for the first party or barbecue.
Winterizing your pool is even more critical. Our pool techs start by balancing your water chemistry and getting the pool water ready for a long period of sleep. A crew arrives to lower your water level, blow out all pool and water lines, plug inlet fittings, skimmers and spa drains, remove winterizing drain plugs, disconnect pool equipment & electricity, install antifreeze where needed and install your winter cover. If any of this is done improperly, it can lead to serious damage in your underground water lines, your pool equipment and your pool, which can result in high repair costs, and lost swimming time. Both summerizing and winterizing should be performed by trained pool professionals. When it is time to open or close your pool give us a call for a free quote. Prices vary according to pool. We will need to physically inspect your pool to quote you a price. Spring and fall are the busiest time of year for us. Please allow time for us to schedule an inspection and a time to perform the work.

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