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Automatic Cover Repair

Automatic covers are a wonderful part of your pool. They provide unparalleled safety, energy savings, water conservation, and help to keep your pool clean. They work hard every day and as a result need periodic inspection and maintenance. We recommend that the cover pit and pit drain be cleaned at least once a year. Once the lid is removed from the pit we perform a multi-point inspection of the drive mechanism, hoses, pulleys, bearings, ropes, fasteners, and wear items such as the nylon cover guides. Depending on usage, the nylon guides should be changed once a year. All moving parts are lubricated and hydraulic fluid levels are checked and topped off as needed. Cover alignment is checked and adjusted. We are a factory authorized service center for Aquamatic Cover Systems, the best automatic cover system in the world. We have been installing and servicing Aquamatic Covers for 30 years. We stock most basic wear parts for Aquamatic Covers, and can repair or replace any part of the system that may need it. All of the work is done by Surfside Pools, not a subcontractor. If your cover is over 10 years old, or has not been serviced lately give us a call.

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