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Design and Build Services

We provide a full range of design services, from an entire master plan of your property, to the smallest details in your backyard, and at any scale in between. Surfside Pools has decades of experience in designing and building backyard living environments and pools. Through our history we have moved thousands of tons of earth and sculpted each site to illuminate its best features. Our approach to design is unique as it is grounded by the realities of construction. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can design in any style to suit your needs. Our emphasis is on our customer and their family’s safety and enjoyment. Our lead designer is also the owner of the company. He is formally educated, with a professional degree in Architecture and has spent most of his life building pools.

We can provide project management services, or serve solely as the pool contractor. On most pool projects we serve as general contractor, directing all the construction on site. We can also be work as a subcontractor if you are already working with your own project manager. Through the years we have developed a team other specialty contractors in every field. This allows for a seamless integration between our work and the finished product. We have chosen to work with them because of their professionalism and performance. Those services include tree work, irrigation, electrical work, gas utilities, plumbing, gates and fencing, carpentry, septic contractors, well and water specialists and landscaping.

We generally work directly with you, the homeowner, but also collaborate with architects, landscape architects, engineers and other design professionals to create original design concepts, improve existing designs, provide material selections and advice, provide efficient equipment and hydraulic specifications, design and install storm water management systems and drainage, design and install retaining walls, and provide site reconstruction and restoration. Our goal is to design and build you the pool and backyard environment of your dreams.

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