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Gunite Spa Installation

A hot tub is a wonderful place to soak, relax and let all your cares drift away, at least for the moment. A spa is often added as a feature on a gunite pool. They are most often attached to the pool but can also be a stand alone feature in your yard. They can be raised to form a waterfall, or flush depending on the design. A spa can be designed in any size, shape or form to really be the highlight of your pool. They can be formal or natural looking depending on your goals. They can be designed to enhance the beauty of your pool and also to accomodate small or large groups. Either way it is fun for the whole family.
Surfside Pools builds all of our spas with quality, safety and functionality in mind. We use true hydrotherapy jets which allow you use water and air separately or combined for the greatest effect. Energy efficient pumps and heaters, proper lighting, code compliant drain covers, and Safety Vacuum Release Systems make them safe and enjoyable for you and your family.

There are multiple options for spa controls as well. Spa side remotes are the most common way to control your spa, but there are also smartphone and tablet controls available. See the section on Automated Pool Controls for more information.

Let us know if a spa is important to you. We will incorporate it into the design and budget for your pool.


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