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Fireplaces and Firepits

Fire is an elemental force. The control of fire brought humans into the civilized world we live in by providing heat and allowing us to cook food. In this day and age fire is no longer needed for survival. It has become a source of pleasure. Everyone loves to sit around a fire, whether it be after a long day of skiing, a romantic evening or a cool summer evening at the pool. Outdoor fires in the summertime have become commonplace since more and more families are using their gardens and pool environments as an extension of their living space.

A firepit or outdoor fireplace can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They can be portable, or installed as a permanent fixture. They can be designed to include built in seating or outdoor sofa’s and chairs. Firepits can be designed to be fueled by wood or by gas. The gas firepits are cleaner ( no ashes) and can be controlled by a switch allowing you to turn them off quickly. Wood burning fires are as elemental as it gets – the smoke drifting into the sky, the smell of burning wood and the ever changing light of the flames set the mood. Either way they provide warmth and a gathering place for the family. There are many ways to design a fire pit from the casual simplicity of a fire ring, to the formal lines of an outdoor fireplace with a chimney. We can guide you through the options and help you decide what works best for your family.

The most important design feature of the firepit is that the position of it must be chosen for both safety and enjoyment. Generally it is recommended that the firepit, regardless of fuel source, be surrounded by hardscaping to prevent the risk of fire spreading.

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