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Since the adoption of the fencing codes for residential pools in NY and CT, the pool fence has become an integral part of the design process. Concepts and budget for the fence must be included from the start of the design process. Depending on your site the pool area may be enclosed as a separate entity, or you may be using your home as part of the fence. Privacy may be a primary concern depending on the location of your neighbors homes, and lines of sight from other properties. Screening with trees can add another level of privacy, but the fence must meet the code, and it is enforced rigorously with good reason. We all want to keep our children safe.

At Surfside Pools, we are experts in pool fence design and installation. There are many options – solid wood, decorative aluminum, PVC, post and rail, split rail, picket and chain link can all meet the code if detailed properly. We can walk you through all the options, show you material samples, and take you to jobs that we have completed to see how different types of fence look in a real physical environment. We can also design your fence to keep deer out. They love to eat your new plants and can be very destructive.

If you have an older pool fence that needs updating, repair, removal or replacement, or have questions about whether or not your fence is code compliant, give us a call for a free consultation.

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