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Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are a great addition to your pool. Their main attributes are safety, energy performance, cleanliness, reduced chemical usage and water conservation. The greatest attribute is that an automatic pool cover saves lives. The only ASTM certified pool safety device which is recommended industry wide is an automatic pool cover. The reason for that is that when it is closed it forms an Isolation Barrier, completely restricting entry into the pool water.

It is also convenient to use. You turn a key and the cover opens disappearing underground into a custom made pit. Turn the key again and within 40 – 60 seconds the pool is closed. This convenience leads to consistency of use which also saves lives. If it took you an hour at the end of every swim session to close the pool you would soon stop doing it.

When closed it forms a Vapor Barrier. With more that 90% of the pool cover resting on the water it stops the evaporative loss of the water in your pool into the air saving you a lot of water and in turn money.

An automatic cover also serves as a Thermal Blanket, keeping the heat from the water in your pool. Leaving it closed during a hot summer day can actually help to heat your pool water through conduction. The sun heats the cover fabric, which in turn heats the pool water.
It also functions as a Protective Barrier helping to keep your pool clean from grass clippings, leaves, sand, dirt and debris. This keeps your pool usage more enjoyable. Open the cover to a clean pool. It also reduces chemical usage by keeping that organic matter out of your pool, and blocking UV rays which break down chlorine more quickly and feed the growth of algae through photosynthesis.

We have been a direct dealer and installer for Aquamatic Pool Covers in California for 30 years. They build the best automatic cover in the world. We are trained and authorized installers. All of the installations and service work are performed by us. Click on the link to their site for more information.
At the end of the day an Automatic Cover is a great investment for your pool. It saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind.

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