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Land Clearing

Whether you have a few trees to remove, or an entire forest in your backyard to clear before we build your pool, we are here to help. Old fallen trees, old stumps, and damaged trees not only detract from the beauty of your home, they can pose a hazard. We can advise you on what trees are healthy and should remain in place, as well as what trees are dangerous, diseased and dying. We will discuss options with you such as sight lines, screening and solar trajectory to maximize either sun or shade. We will discuss how the pool construction process will impact the trees and how the trees will impact the pool.
Surfside Pools can improve and beautify any woodland with selective land clearing, which allows healthy trees to prosper. We do this by removing underbrush and eliminating invasive species which helps to improve ecological diversity and restore native plant and wildlife habitat. Our environmentally conscious approach uses specialty equipment to reach and remove or prune trees with little or no harm to the surrounding areas and minimize soil disturbance. The newly mulched material fertilizes the land as it breaks down and decomposes. Trees and stumps can be removed from your property and taken to a recycling plant where they are ground into mulch. If you burn wood, the hardwoods can be split and stacked for use in your own fireplace.

Our team works efficiently and safely to make sure that this phase of your pool project is completed on time and on budget. Enhance the value and beauty of your home and protect your loved ones by maintaining your trees.


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