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Building pools requires the use of heavy machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have owned and operated machinery since the very beginning of Surfside Pools. Excavation is often the most overlooked part of the pool construction process. It is actually at the heart of what we do. We sculpt the earth, physically changing and shaping the contours of your land. Blending grades, balancing cut and fill and shaping the earth requires a tremendous amount of experience in reading the land. On occasion we encounter rock and blasting or rock hammering are required. Another obstacle is groundwater. Although both of these obstacles may add time and cost to the pool construction, we have the experience and knowledge to deal with them quickly and efficiently. The most important aspect is to recognize the proper site for the pool, choosing the elevation and location to minimize cost. At times that may include adjusting plans to work with what the site is giving you. It takes years of experience to develop the sense of what a site will look like finished before the project has begun. It is an integral part of building a pool. We are experts in excavation, drainage and drainage systems. Groundwater, ledge rock and steep hillsides are all a part of what we encounter in our area on a daily basis. During our initial site consultation the concerns and specifics of your site will come into the conversation early on as they will directly affect your pool design and ultimately your budget.

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