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Natural Free Form Pools

In our local area of Westchester and Fairfield counties, we are blessed with an abundance of amazing natural topography to draw inspiration from. Streams, rivers, lakes, varied terrain, exposed rock ledges and dramatic grade changes can be used as design generators that fuel the design process. Natural, freeform pools are a way to enhance the beauty of a steep or variable site. Waterfalls and rivers create sound as well as visual stimulation which adds to your tranquility. Many of our sites contain their own quarries of native stone with gorgeous patinas of lichen and moss which can be used to highlight the features of your pool or watershape. The interplay of earth, stone, water and light can create magic.

Whatever your site contains, Surfside Pools can design and construct a custom built, freeform pool that looks like it grew there. The boulders, steps, flowing water and pool will truly feel like an oasis. We can enhance your outdoor living environment. At Surfside Pools we have a great reverence for the materials themselves and it shows in our finished work. The fact that we allowed to work in concert with these amazing natural surroundings brings us satisfaction and joy. Contact us today for a consultation and share your dreams with us. Browse our photo gallery for examples of our work.

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