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Stone Walls

Here in the Northeast there is a long tradition of walling and masonry use in construction. We are literally surrounded by stone, and the early settlers to the are worked very hard to clear fields full of trees and stone so they could graze their livestock and cultivate their crops. They built walls with the stone they cleared from the fields to delineate their property lines and keep livestock from wandering off. We can still see these walls wandering through the woods all around us. Their beauty is sublime even when they are only remnants of their former glory because they tell a story about an other time in history. Although stone walls are very labor intensive to build, they will endure for generations if they are properly detailed.

Stone walls add functionality in dealing with changes in grade, warmth to a pool or garden area and a richness of texture that can be enhanced with the softness of plant material.

At Surfside Pools we design and build all types of stone walls – drywalls, retaining walls, veneered concrete retaining walls, seating walls and garden walls with all types of stone. Generally speaking that stone is sourced locally. Sometimes it is even quarried on site. The walls can be designed to be very rustic in nature or formal depending on the application and our clients wishes. At Surfside Pools , we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Our team is comprised of master masons who have been working in their craft 20 years or more. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not subcontract our work. We are adept at matching existing stonework if a precedent already exists on site. Let us know if you want to incorporate stone walls in the designs for your backyard. We can take you to see examples of our work so you can see firsthand how the different colors and textures of different stone walls can beautify your landscape.

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