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Steps & Stairs

In our local environment grade changes are commonplace. Not everyone has a flat backyard. Steps may be a necessity on certain sites if your property is sloped and can also be used to accentuate and create hierarchy for different spaces in your pool and garden areas. They can be used as part of a sequence towards a destination and create focal points.

Steps can be designed to be formal and axial or relaxed and meandering depending on your wishes and the unique character of the site we are working with. The relationship of the pool to the house and the shape and style of the pool are often the generators for the design. We can guide you through the different approaches, styles and their impact on your budget. Browse through our photo gallery to see some options.
There are many options for materials. Boulders and irregular slab steps, Granite, Bluestone, Brick, Concrete pavers, old curbstone, Square cut slabs and more. The best choice is usually some kind of stone or masonry because of its low maintenance, ease of care and longevity. Wood is also an option in some cases but it generally requires more maintenance and will not last as long.

Lighting is an important detail to be considered in designing steps. Changes in grade are hard to detect in the dark. Safety is a critical component in the design and construction of steps.

We at Surfside Pools have worked with all types of materials in the construction of steps and staircases. Everything we do is custom fabricated on site to fit the design. Take a look at our work and see if there is something that you like. If not we can come up with something new together!

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