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The Owners

Bjorn Rafoss
Bjorn Rafoss was born and raised on a small farm in Norway. He was surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, rivers and the sea. The experience of living , skiing, hiking and fishing in that environment has always been a source of inspiration. In Norway Bjorn was formally trained as a carpenter and cabinet maker. After emigrating to the US in 1956 he continued to work in that craft. He spent two years in Korea and Japan serving the US Army. Upon his return to the states he began working as a construction super for Superior Pools. In 1969 he founded his own company, Surfside Pools & Construction Corporation. For the last 46 years he has been designing and building pools and waterfeatures closely integrated with their natural surroundings, inspired by the environment he grew up in. He supervises every project personally and his attention to minute detail has created thousands of happy clients.

Bjorn Kevin Rafoss
Bjorn Kevin Rafoss grew up working side by side with his father during summers and on weekends from the age of 5, building pools, houses, cabinets, furniture, doing stonework and running machinery. He developed passion for his craft by being exposed to and working with all types of materials and building with them. After graduating from high school, Kevin spent five years studying Architecture and Design at Syracuse University, graduating in 1994. Now as a second generation owner of Surfside Pools he continues the tradition of designing and building pools of the highest quality. He is on site working side by side with his crew every day and developing relationships with his clients one at a time.

NYS Regents Scholar John Jay High School
National Honor Society

B. of Architecture – Syracuse University School of Arrchitecture

National Outdoor Leadership School FSR #3

SUNY Purchase – Metal Sculpture

Yestermorrow – Design & Build of Sustainable Structures

Peters Valley – Forging and Sculpting in Iron

Professional Experience
Surfside Pools & Contruction Corp.


REESKI Aspen Colorado – Design/Fabrication

Andrew Chary Architects – Designer/Project Manager

Liquid Design Group – Founder

Flitchwork Designs- Designer/Collaborator

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