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Environmentally Conscious

All of us at Surfside Pools believe in the concept of a minimum impact, sustainable approach to the construction process. We recycle materials all the time. The stone and brick that we remove from jobs when people want a change are always palletized and stored in our yard for future use. They can be reinstalled on another job, where someone is trying to match an old patio. Ledge rock that we remove to build a pool is always reused on site or removed from the site to be used somewhere else. Trees that are removed to make way for a pool are either split into firewood, or removed from the site and recycled into mulch. Old concrete and asphalt are recycled into Item 4 a road base material. Plastic, cardboard, steel and even oil are recycled to keep them out of landfills. Although constructing a pool requires dramatic changes to an existing site, with proper planning, great workmanship and respect for the environment around you, the damage can be minimized. The site will be restored through the course of the construction process. Within a few months the raw earth that was exposed during the construction process is covered once again with green lawns, planting beds and gardens.
We also recommend energy saving devices such as multi-speed pumps, timers, LED lighting, and heat pumps to heat your pool. We can evaluate your pool equipment and update it so it runs more efficiently, without water loss. We can install energy saving devices on your pool. Call us for a free quote.

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